How To Talk To A 수원룸싸롱 Girl You Like

Well, my friend you asked, and you shall receive. I did a video a couple of weeks ago, where I showed some infield live audio footage. And then I went ahead and I broke it down. And I commented on what my client was doing right and wrong in terms of approaching women and talking to women.

And you guys liked it. And you said you wanted to see more. So in this video, we’re going to show you more. Now, this is my same coaching client, who goes out, approaches, women records it, and then we get to break it down here.

I’m excited to show this to you and break it down. If you want to get help, and you want to work with a coach that can break it down, just like I’m breaking it down but even go more in-depth, you can go to TrippAdviceCoaching.

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com – link is down in the description. And why don’t we get into it? This is the first approach. This is one of three, and let’s dissect it. Hey, I wanted to say hi to you. Oh hello. Hi. How are you? What’s your name? Nice to meet you.

Where you’re from? Very good tonality. Love the tonality, because it’s going down in inflection. He’s doing what’s called breaking rapport tonality where it goes down. Also, love the opener. Very simple.

I love a simple opener because once you go over there and start the conversation if she’s interested, she’ll start to communicate with you. From this area. Yeah? Yeah. I grew up in Rochester and now I spend my winters in Florida and summers up here.

Okay, so this is something that I taught him to do. You’re not always going to want to get into a conversation where it’s a question… Well, you never want to get into a conversation where it questions, question.

And we want to do this because when we offer up the information it gives her an opportunity to then bite on that information and then comment on it to continue the conversation or ask a question on it.

So of course, you have to ask questions because you’re the one who went over there, but you want to be able to offer up information, which is what he does here. I’m gonna rewind that a little bit, and see how he just offers up information.

…from this area. Yeah? Yeah. I grew up in Rochester and now I spend my winters in Florida and summers up here. Nice, very cool. Did you just come back for the season? See, she asked a question. Did you just come back for the season? She wouldn’t have been able to ask that question if he didn’t offer up that information.

I did. I’m here until the end of October. Oh okay. I’m here hanging with my family. Oh, very cool. Business stuff, friends, all that. Nice. You get the best of both worlds. Hell yeah. Very cool. What do you do? I’m in marketing.

I just graduated college. Again, it’s interesting how some of these questions. They’re not that crazy. They’re pretty lame questions. What do you do? Where are you from? But still, within that, you can build attraction.

It’s not so much what you say but how you say it. And also, this is the general conversation that you might have with anyone anyway. So women are used to it, it’s totally fine. As long as it gives you some ammo to be able to continue the conversation.

…last year so, thanks yeah. You know, getting into fashion work from home. Yeah, are you loving it? Yeah, it’s cool. I like the flexibility for sure. Okay. What do you do? I own a real estate investment company and an exporting company.

Nice. So we export overseas secondhand clothing. So both are based around here in upstate New York. Very cool. But I love what I do. It’s a blast. Very positive too. That’s what’s good. You don’t have to say this, but it was good that he said it just very overly positive.

Love what I do. And what’s that going to do? That’s going to show a 수원풀싸롱 woman that you love your life and that you’re very ambitious because you love what you do and you’re excited about it, which is what women are attracted to.

So good so far. Awesome. It’s an awesome challenge. Yeah. I need to work with people that I love. Now he’s offering up more information explaining it a little bit. Good for you. Very cool. Are you getting some steps in? I was going for a walk.

And look at that. Now she’s engaged in the conversation. She completely changes topics are you just getting some steps in basically asking him what is he up to? That’s good. I was talking to my little brother.

We finished up a conversation so I was going back to my car to go get some food. He just sounds so comfortable too. That’s the key. I want to get you to the point where you’re approaching enough women and you just sound comfortable.

He sounds so relaxed, and confident like this is not a big deal to him. What do you do when you’re not working or walking around Catskill Reservoir? I typically like to stay active, you know, go to the gym, and read.

I’m an introvert. You’re an introvert? You were quiet as a kid? It’s funny because I know that the last time we had audio from him, he also said something very similar here. But this is good. He says you’re an introvert.

He’s just guessing. Just throwing that out there. Let me guess the game. Very fun, kind of flirty, and makes the conversation more interesting. And it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be correct. He just goes, oh, you’re an introvert to see what kind of reaction we could get.

To a certain extent. I was very quiet as a kid. Okay. I’m an introvert. I consider myself an introvert also. I’ve learned how to be very outgoing and extroverted. I learned how to do that when I was in college.

Yeah for sure. Which is so important. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Okay, so now we’re kind of dying down a little bit. That’s cool. What are you reading right now? Right now I just finished a book yesterday.

It was called Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. Is that about romance? It is like a romantic kind of novel, but it was awful. I’ve never read a woman romance novel. See how he just doesn’t go from question to question to question.

I mean, yes, it’s been a couple of minutes and he’s asked about five questions total. But he’ll comment on it, talk about it a little bit, and see where it can go. It’s good for you to practice commenting on what they’re saying so you can have a conversation that just isn’t an interview.

And also, as I said earlier, it gets them to bite. I’ve never read it. I’ve heard that to fully understand a 수원룸싸롱 woman we need to read that through us guys. Yeah, you should try it out. I think it might be worth it.

But I wouldn’t read the one I just finished that one was shitty, but any others you could. I wonder what kind of genre a woman should read to understand a man. What do you think? Okay, love that question.

What kind of genres should a woman read to understand a man or something like that? Great question. Because one of the best topics you can bring up to a woman when you’re talking to her if you’re trying to get a good conversation going is social dynamics, dating dynamics, and men and women.

Women love to talk about that. I talk about that topic is one of the best topics that you can bring up in a conversation because it helps continue the conversation. I talk about that in my Chick Crack program, by the way, it’s free.

I’ll put a link down below. – go get that and you’ll learn about more conversation topics. So he just used one right there. Do you feel like you understand a man? I do, yeah.

Yeah, I think so, my boyfriend. Okay, this would be a good part to tease her right there. Like you understand men? No, I don’t believe you. No, there’s no way. Just completely disagree with her. Because when you disagree and when you challenge her that is a spike, it helps bring out a spike of emotions.

I think so, my boyfriend would say so. My boyfriend would say so. So there you go. She’s got a boyfriend. So you know, I feel like it’s not even like understanding men. It’s just like understanding the individual, you know? Alright, so we’ll cut it off there.

She’s got a boyfriend. So be it. But I would give that approach, like a B+, A- more in the A- range. It was confident. It was calm. He was doing the best he could with whatever she was giving him. And he was able to naturally progress it even though she wasn’t being too communicative.

Let’s go to another one here. Hey you. I wanted to say hi. Hi. Where are you from? I’m originally from Brazil. Okay. I’m from upstate New York. Cool. And I spend winters in Florida and then summers in the north.

Okay, little weird. I would have gone there and said something about Brazil. Has he gone to Brazil before? Has he always wanted to go to Brazil? Ask a question about Brazil. I feel like it was weird that he ended up bringing up all this information about him at this moment too soon.

Let’s hear it again. Okay. I’m from upstate New York. And I spent winters in Florida and then… It’s… maybe I’m being a little too hard, maybe it’s not that weird, but just not the direction I would have gone in.

….summers in the north. I just moved from Florida and Vegas and now I’m in Boston. Now you’re in Boston, okay? What’s your name? Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Where are you walking? To the building.

Okay, let’s walk this way. Okay, so, I believe he did this in the last one too. Don’t walk with women. It’s harder to connect with a 수원룸싸롱 woman when you’re walking. Much better to have that one-on-one focus right there.

So that way it builds an easier connection instead of you being distracted, you’re walking, you’re talking. I’d rather it be where you don’t walk at all. So that way you can improve the connection. I’m going to eat breakfast and I’m hanging out with some friends today.

Again, love how he offers up information. It’s good. So why did you move here? For work basically. Yeah? What do you do? I’m a bartender. A bartender. Yeah. All right. I’m a business owner. Okay, so that was great, see, now you got to balance it.

That was a great opportunity right there where he could have said something about bartending. He could have even teased her. You know, I bet you’re one of those bartenders who gets secretly drunk when they’re working, aren’t you? You just get wasted, or something like that.

Right? Just another way to continue the conversation instead of just now offering up too much information about yourself. So again, it’s a little bit of a balance. I’m a business owner. Good for you. Wait for her to ask that.

That’s one of those where like wait for her to ask that. I’ve never worked as a bartender before. Here I try to be a bartender when I can. Okay. Immigrant life. Immigrant life, yeah you gotta hustle.

Yup. I don’t drink a lot. Every so often, once a month, I find myself staying up till like 5 am, you know, in a party situation. But otherwise, I’m not a huge drinker anymore. Better for your body. Well yeah, I want to live to be, you know, 120 years old and hiking on Maui when I’m 90.

Are you someone with a big vision for your life? Or do you go to the day-to-day? Weird question. Are you someone… it’s not a very easy question to answer. Are you someone who has a very big vision for your life? It’s like, I don’t even know how I would answer that question.

Let’s make these questions a little bit more simple. Do you have big goals in your life? Do you have anything you’re trying to achieve right now? But I get it. Listen, when you’re in the moment. It’s not as easy.

But still. What’s your approach? I don’t have a vision but now basically I just moved so that’d be day by day. What are you working on? What are you getting up with? I’m trying to work on a lot of things.

But as I say, now… I’m just kind of bored. I’m bored with this conversation. There’s no real teasing. There are no spikes. It’s just kind of chit-chat to get to know you. I want a little bit more from him.

I just need it day by day. It’s forgettable. Like I’m looking for an apartment. Oh, you’re still looking for an apartment? Yeah, I’m at a friend’s house. I moved here like five days ago. That’s why. Oh welcome.

That’s great. It’s gotta be fun. Okay, so there I would have done a push-pull. Pull her in and say oh really? Well, you know what? You are my absolute new best friend. So welcome. What are you doing now? I have to work in like an hour.

You should come to get a coffee with me. He’s going for the install date. I’ll spoil it for you right now. She doesn’t say yes. But I love that he went for it. An instant date is great. And the way that he asked for it was super confident.

Tonality was on super dominant direct. I’m just gonna go there and change and whatever. Did you get half an hour for a coffee? Not yet. Not yet, she had to think about it. Just because I’m so tired you know like I’m in a friend’s house and I’m sleepy.

Yeah, I slept last night myself. Hey, why don’t you give me your phone number and we’ll connect? Cool. So he goes to the phone number and he gets it. And there you go. Let’s go to another one.

And we’ll rate that one I would say a B- again, pretty boring. Could have had more in there. Hi, I wanted to say hi to you. Hi. What’s your name? Why are you laughing? I’m like adjusting my shoe right now so you just caught me off, guard.

Are you getting a blister? Or you don’t want pressure right now? What was that? You said you don’t have a lot of pressure right now. No, I’m saying you surprised me and I was trying to fix my shoe. Hello.

Hi, nice to meet you. Okay, very confident. So he’s not into apologizing or saying sorry. He’s just calling out the situation. Super calm reintroduces himself. Where are you going right now? Great way great example of a way to smooth out a little bit of a rough start.

I’m heading to the dispensary. Are you? Do you smoke weed a lot? Do you like it hot? Okay. He was trying, okay, this is a failed attempt at a tease. I could tell he was trying to come up with something. There I would have said you’re a total pothead, aren’t you? You just like smoking weed every day.

You say something like that, because it’s polarizing, and we get her to react to it. Again, when you tease you have a smile on your face and you’re doing it in a tone that you’re joking, because if it’s too serious, then she just gets offended.

Now if you said oh, so are you like a pothead? She’s gonna be like, what? Like, who is this guy? And why is he judging me? But if you’re like, oh, you’re a total pothead, aren’t you? Different there. All right.

That’s cool. Yeah. I’m like once a month, maybe. Gotcha. What are you up to? I’m going on my morning walk and drinking this thing. And then I’m hanging out with some friends today. This is a little bit of a green drink.

Okay. Plus some. So she’s engaged. She’s asking questions. I’ve been lifting more weights. And once that happens, by the way, that’s the ultimate IOI or indicator of interest. When they start asking you questions that means that they’re saying to you that they want to be engaged in the conversation.

Gotcha, FYI. So yeah, where do you live? Minnesota. Minnesota? What are you doing here? Just visiting for a birthday. Oh well, happy birthday. How long? Just a few days. I’ve been to Minnesota before. I did.

.. Okay. Good. I’m glad he’s about to talk about Minnesota. Also, we had something there for her birthday. Something could have been said about her birthday, could have pulled her in for a hug. Broken the touch barrier there.

Canoe trip in the Boundary Waters once. Boundary Waters is one of the places to go there. This will be like perfect for us then, right? Could have done cocky funny too. He could have said wow you’re lucky because, for your birthday, I have arrived.

I spent like a month a year in Minnesota, six months a year out here, and two months a year in upstate New York where I’m from. New York is close to where my sister lives. She’s in the city. She’s in Jersey City.

So like, close to Time Square. So when are you gonna move to a big city? We’ll see. I don’t know. Maybe never. I don’t know. We’ll see, you’re gonna like a farmer? Possibly. See how he likes… that’s great.

I like how he continues the conversation by just guessing things. He did that before with the introvert in the other conversation. Oh, so what are you gonna be a farmer? Just a way to make it more playful.

And then she’s engaged in the conversation. She’s not thinking about anything else and is more emotional spikes. Really? This is legit? Possibly one day yeah. I would have been cocky funny there too.

I’d have been like wow, I’m a fucking genius. How did I guess that? I’m so smart. I’ve worked on a couple of farms so I’ll probably at some point do. I wouldn’t take you to be a farm hand. That’s hilarious to me.

Kinda a tease there. You must be joking. No, I’m not. I’m dead serious. I picked dates last year. The next one I go to will probably be another type of fruit farm. Once I learn the shit I’ll do it on my own.

You’re gonna be an entrepreneur. Pretty much hopefully. Oh, hell yeah. That’s perfect. That’s good. I’m an entrepreneur. I own a real estate development business. Good way of segwaying into what he does.

You live here in this area? Yeah, I’m over there. So I still haven’t had any like caffeine in my body but you know, it is Saturday morning. You’re staying around here? I’m like 30 minutes away. We should get dinner while you’re here.

Okay, I don’t remember how that ends. But the audio did end there. So maybe he got her number. Maybe he didn’t. More of the point though, rather than if he got the number for dinner or if he didn’t, is the fact that he went for it.

Like so confident like, oh, you’re here great we should grab dinner while you’re here. Not would you like to grab dinner with me sometime? Are you free sometime? Just straight to assertive and saying here’s what’s happening and then we go from there.

Because after that, she could say no, she could say yes, who cares? But we assume that she’s interested. And that’s super confident. So to rate all these together I would say that one was pretty solid.

I would give that one an A-. Together we’ll throw with like a B+ average on all these and he just knocked some of this out of the park. I don’t have much to say on the negative side.

Otherwise, I just got bored a little bit. We could have more emotional spikes. So good stuff here. This is how you keep calm. remain confident. This is how you talk to a girl that you’re interested in.

And of course, if you need help getting passed this and you want to know how to do this, then you can apply for coaching. We can work with you and we can help you do your approaches to make sure that you’re doing it correctly so you can be getting more dates and have this ultra confidence just like my client here.